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Your dedicated partner in plastic pipe technology and chemical storage tanks

We are a leading manufacturer and processor in the field of plastic pipe (PE-Pipe and PP-Pipe) up to DIA 3600. For our customers we create Helically Wound Pipes, Profiled Pipe or in other words Helically Profile Wound Pipe and make out of them canalization pipes, shafts, manholes and also Storm water storage systems, Water reservoirs, Plastic Tanks and Storage Tanks, Spring Collection Shafts, Storage Space Canalisation Systems and more. We are not content with only providing high quality products, but support with a flexible project consulting, sophisticated planning and engineering services, intelligent technology transfer and international experience. Apart from single products as canalization pipes, water storage tanks, plastic tanks and exhaust stacks we also offer durable and permanently leakfree welded systematic solutions for the fields of

Our products & services

plastic tank construction for wastewater

Henze pipes (spiral wounded pipes, solid wall pipes, profile pipes and spiral profile pipes) are made of PE and PP. They have excellent material properties and have a low weight.Our sewer pipe systems for wastewater consist of pipes, fittings, shafts and accessories. All individual pieces are tailored to specific needs and can be combined to form a sewage system.These versatile design options make our sewage systems individually applicable. We offer comprehensive solutions.All pipes, fittings and manholes have a low weight and are prefabricated. This means that they can be laid very easily on the construction site directly from the truck without any further assembly work.The individual sewer pipes are connected to one another by means of a welded connection according to DVS. This guarantees permanent tightness

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plastic tank construction for chemical industry

Our tanks are used successfully in chemical and plant engineering. They are used for the environmentally safe storage of acids and alkalis, e.g. Acetic acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hypochlorite, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, chlorinated water or other water-polluting chemical substances.

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plastic sewer pipes for drinking water

The drinking water supply must be guaranteed in areas that are difficult to access and in urban regions. It is ensured by a large number of smaller systems.The quality of the drinking water depends not only on the condition of the water supply and also on the condition of the supply systems. That is why we manufacture the components for water technology exclusively from approved materials

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plastic sewer pipes

Industrial Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for the industry.

  • Solid wall pipes: Solid wall pipes are mainly used for plastic tanks. Wall thicknesses and gradations are made individually.
  • Profile pipe: Profile pipes have a low weight and still have a high level of rigidity. The loads on the profile pipes determine the profile of the pipe wall.
  • Stub flange, loose flange & binding flange: Welding necks are made of polyethylene and polypropylene and used in pressure pipelines or in pressureless operation. They are connected using the butt welding process or with an electric welding socket. Flanges are made of galvanized steel or made of stainless steel.
  • T-piece: DN 1000 to DN 2000
  • Connection piece - welding device: With the connection piece incoming pipelines are connected to spiral tubes. Since the nozzle and the welding device are coordinated with one another, connection nozzles can be welded into all plastic pipe systems made of HDPE and PP.
  • Wall penetration: Wall penetrations lead plastic pipes through masonry.
  • E-socket: The E-socket DN 1000 to DN 2000 as a slip-on socket serves as a supplement to the integrated E-socket.
  • Double-walled shut-off valve: Double-walled shut-off valves are integrated in the extraction lines of double-walled containers.
  • Side entry opening: These are made of PE or PP and welded into the container wall using an extrusion process.
  • Mechanical fill level indicator: This visualizes fill levels in containers.
  • Monitoring: The leakage monitoring is realized by vacuum or probe.

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Tender Help

Information for planners, operators and construction companies concerning tender texts.

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Information for planners, operators and construction companies concerning statistical calculations, installation instructions and product information.

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Custom made PE, PP and PVDF pipes and tanks

We have extensive know-how in the manufacture and processing of plastic products. From plastic tanks to drinking water storage tanks to well shafts and flat-bottomed tanks. We manufacture modern sewer pipe solutions, both for drinking water supply and waste water. In addition to ensure a high quality of our end products, we offer flexible advice for projects of all kinds, sophisticated planning and engineering services as well as intelligent technology transfer, also on an international level.

Innovative planning and production with the know-how and competence from 55 years of experience ensure a high technology and service for our customers. We will find the right solution - talk to us!