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  • Trinkwasserspeicher
  • Trinkwasserspeicher zur Speicherung von Quellwasser
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  • Trinkwasserspeicher

Drinking water reservoir

Drinking water reservoirs are used for intermediate storage of the source water. Thus, fluctuations in consumption can be absorbed. Depending on the source water inflow, the size of the storage tank is always dimensioned in such a way that the supply of drinking water is always guaranteed.

Drinking water reservoirs are usually offered in horizontal design in proven prefabricated turnkey construction. We distinguish between single and multi-chamber designs. The installations installed depend on the respective situation on site.

Drinking water storage tanks usually consist of a drying chamber and at least one storage chamber. The entry is exclusively in the drying chamber. In addition to proven standard solutions, each storage tank can be supplied tailor-made in prefabricated parts and with all pre-assembled special solutions (e.g. special access to the slide chamber).

Associated slider included

The supply of associated gate valves is part of our service.

The standard structures are manufactured in nominal sizes DN 1800 to DN 3600.

The basic construction consists of the HENZE -double wall pipe, which is manufactured according to DIN 16961 and includes a hollow chamber insulation.

Each storage tank has an inlet pipe, an overflow, a drain and an outlet pipe.

The storage volumes are freely selectable.

During planning, a later expansion of the system can already be taken into account. This saves costs and time during installation. In any case, construction times are very short due to the high degree of prefabrication.

In the case of extinguishing water storage tanks, the drying chamber can be dispensed with.

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