Declaration of Principles in Environmental Policy


The WiRoTec HENZE GmbH Plastic Pipe Factory strives in all its business activities to take special consideration to the environment and environmentally friendly services.  The company believes, that every single part of society is responsible for the environment and also every employee should deal responsibly with the environment.  


WiRoTec HENZE GmbH Plastic Pipe factory does not spare any efforts in order to continuously develop its environmental standards and in the same time aims at minimizing the negative effects on the local and global environment during its growing business activities.  This is important to fulfill its responsibility towards the community.  

In order to achieve this aim WiRoTec HENZE GmbH Plastic Pipe Factory is exerting the following efforts:

The business activities are executed in consideration of all applicable laws and regulations and with high internal environmental standards.


The internationally recognized environmental standard ISO 14001 is the basis for securing environmental responsibility and continuous improvement.  
Environmentally specific strategies and aims are taken into consideration in the business plan in order to make sure, that environmental management is an integral part of the operation.  
Environmental aims are put down, results are checked and processes are revised, in order to assess the company progress in respect to high environmental standards.  
Possibilities in respect to increasing the efficiency of the company in respect to material and resources, or reducing emissions and recycling waste, are identified and executed.  
The company obliges itself to preserve water supplying regions by applying water saving measures.  
WiRoTec HENZE also commits to reducing the energy consumption and emissions caused by cooling.  In the ideal case WiRoTec HENZE will completely avoid it.  

The company is in a lead position in the plastic large diameter pipe industry, which therefore must transform in playing a model role in advancing environmentally conscious, efficient and material saving production processes.
Our employees are requested and trained to recognize possibilities of improvement of the ecological performance and of the waste management in their fields of operation and execute the necessary measures.  

WiRoTec HENZE GmbH plastic factory cooperates with Interest Groups to research and develop solutions to environmental problems, which the company can offer sustainable contribution.  
The company communicates to interest groups its environmental requirements and performance.  
The responsibility for the transformation of this principle lies with the Team “Ökoprofit”.  As General Manager I support the Declaration of Responsibility towards environmental protection of HENZE GmbH Plastic Pipe Factory and support the successful transformation of our strategies and aims in this respect.