solutions for Wastewater Technology

  • Systemlösung für die Abwassertechnik
  • Armaturenschacht
  • Kanal mit E-Muffe
  • PE Kanal mit Trockenwetterrinne
  • T-Stück mit Bögen


Henze GmbH produces PE and PP pipes since almost 55 years (Spirally extruded Pipe, Solid Wall Pipe and Profiled Pipe).  Its success is based on excellent material properties in connection with the flexibility of the pipe system.  Its patented innovations further allow E-Socket welding or extrusion of all system components of a canalization pipe network.  This guarantees a permantently leakfree network.  The canalization pipes can be manufactured as Solid Wall Pipe or Profiled Pipe. 

Canalisation pipe from PE – Large Diameter Pipe DIA 3000

Canalisation pipe from PE – Large Diameter Pipe DIA 3000

HENZE – Profile Pipe

The basis of the canalization pipe network is the Henze – helically wrapped profile Pipe.  It can be used as canalization pipe and as Shaft Shell for the Plastic Shaft.  It is manufactured according to DIN 16961 in the diameters Dia 400 to Dia 3600.  It stands out through its smooth surface, its inspection friendly inner surface, its low weight and high stiffness.  The profile wall structure is chosen according to the load capacities it has to withstand.  The outside of the pipe can be manufactured to a smooth or profiled surface.  

The favored connection technology for the canalization pipes from PE or PP up to Dia 2400 is the electro fusion socket (E-Socket).  The heating coil is already integrated in the socket of the pipe and is protected from dirt and humidity.  The Henze innovated Click Lock guarantees die safe and exact positioning of spigot and socket.  

Profile Pipe with E-Socket

Profile Pipe with E-Socket

Canalisation Pipe System – Canalisation Pipes from Spirally wound pipe, profile pipe and shafts

The canalization pipe system for Sewage consists of pipes, molded parts, shafts and accessories such as wall integration, saddle piece, etc.  These are designed according to the requirements and the components can be put together like lego pieces to a complete Sewage System.  The product spectrum offers for almost every individual technical challenge a solution.  This is due to the multifold design options in the advanced production technology.

Due to the low weight of the construction elements you are guaranteed an easy installation and handling of the pipes, molded parts and shafts at the construction site.  You will have a 100% degree of prefabrification of the shafts and molded parts belonging to the pipe system.  In other words this allows you to take the shafts and construction elements from the truck and insert them directly into the trench without needing any further assembly work.  

We manufacture our products in the field of Wastewater Technology according to the German national and European standards.  We have developed standardized systems with which all our systems are made compatible to other products.  It is no problem for our products to be connected with other materials such as concrete, stoneware, GRP or casted products. Our unique range of special components makes each connection possible.  
The canalization pipes are connected by welding procedures according to the standards of DVS.  The welding connection secures a permanent leakfree pipe connection.  Root penetration a the socket connection hence is not possible.  
Through the smooth surface of the pipe inner surface the flow resistance is very low. The antiadhesive material properties along with a smooth pipe inner surface prevents deposits in the canalization.  The result are very good hydraulic qualities of the PE and PP pipes.  
The abrasion resistance describes resistance of the pipe against mechanical abrasion.  PEHD and PP have a greater abrasion resistance than other pipe materials.

The excellent chemical resistance of the materials PE 80, PE 100, PP and PVDF is a guarantee for a high aging resistance, which is by far superior to other pipe materials. The sum of these good qualities leads to a long service life of the sewage system along with a very low maintenance costs.

 Pipe with E-socket
Pipe with E-socket

T-peace and Bow produced from Profile pipe with E-socket
T-peace and Bow produced from Profile pipe with E-socket

Plastic manhole covers

Plastic manhole covers are not only lightweight, but also extremely robust, corrosion-free and rust-proof. The manhole cover is made of high-strength polypropylene (PP) plastic and, because of its cover weight, is a very good alternative to comparable constructions made of cast iron or concrete. The lightweight plastic lid is weather-resistant and a traffic-safe locking device made of plastic also makes the manhole cover vandal-proof. The manhole cover with black plastic lid is an attractive solution in both public and private areas. The appearance of the plastic manhole cover is permanently preserved by the high-strength propylene. In addition, the manhole cover blends in perfectly with the surrounding surface covering.

Advantages of plastic manhole covers:

  • Black plastic concrete frame
  • High strength polypropylene (PP)
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Safe and easy operation of the manhole cover
  • Light lid weight
  • Frame made of plastic (PP) and concrete
  • UV resistant plastic

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