Connection Technology

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 The quality of a canalisation line is highly dependent on the quality of the connection between the individual pipes.  Our quality standard is therefore to supply you with a permanently leak tight pipe connection.  In order to achieve this quality expectation our PE HD and PP Canalisation Pipes are connected through welding.  There are three different welding techniques available, which follow the regulations described in the DVS leaflets and guidelines.

Plastic sewer pipe

Extrusion Welding according to DVS 2207-4

The welding connection is done in a continuous welding procedure according to DVS 2207-4.  This mechanical welding process provides optimal quality and quantity.  However welding may only be done by professionals, as many mistakes can be done in the process, which will decrease the quality of the connection.  Requirement is to have an apprenticeship with passed examination in welding technologies.  This welding process is applied with all pipes in the Forms I with welding socket and spigot and Form III with both sides having a flat pipe end, independent of profile type. 

Pipes in the diameter up to Dia 800 are connected with a welding joint on the outer surface.  Pipes as of diameter Dia 800 are jointed with a weld on the inner and outer surface.  Should the joint not have high stress requirements the welding can also only be done on the inner surface. 

Double walled canalization pipes can be welded with this process as of diameter Dia 400 on the inner and outer surface. 

 Extrusion welding

Heating Element Butt Welding according to DVS 2207-1

This welding connection is applied along with the extrusion welding with canalization pipes, which have the profile type Nr. 4 with Form III and bothsided flat pipe ends as well as Full wall Helically Wrapped Pipes.

Double Walled Canalization Pipes can also be welded with this process.   Butt Welding may only be done by professionals, as unqualified personal may not abide by the procedures, that will guarantee a quality weld.  Therefore the requirement is an apprenticeship with examination passed in welding technologies.

Plastic sewer pipe

Electrofusion Welding according to DVS 2207-1

The Electrofusion Socket is prefabricated into the pipe and allows the electrofusion welding between socket and spigot.  The Electrofusion Socket is available in diameters Dia 400 to Dia 2400.  Shortterm and longterm tests have proven very good results for above ground and underground profile pipes especially in respect to loading capacity and leak tightness.  It has shown to be by far superior to above mentioned welding joints.

Please receive more information out our brochure Electrofusion Welding.