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HENZE – Storage sewer

In order to treat and hold back rain water various rain basins are available.  Generally recognized guidelines for the design and equipping of rain water basins within the network of mixing and separation processes are provided by ATV-A 166.  Further explanations with special notes and exemples are found in the leaflet ATV-M 176.
Henze GmbH manufactures constructions for rain water treatment and storage according to the guidelines of above mentioned technical regulations.  During the design of the Storage space Canals of Helically wrapped profile pipe especially economical solutions with a high quality, long lifespan and low maintenance costs are developed.  Very much attention is paid to a low susceptibility and a short construction time.

Storage space made out of Helically wrapped profile pipe
Relief shaft out of Helically wrapped profile pipe Dia 3000
Storage canal out of Helically wrapped profile pipe Dia 3000
Throttle shaft out of Helically wrapped profile pipe Dia 2400

 Storage space from profile winding tube

 Relief shaft made of profile winding pipe DN 3000
shaft DN 3000

Reservoir sewer made of profile wound pipe DN 3000
Profile pipe storage sewer DN 3000

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