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Plastic swell collection manholes

Source collection shafts serve as a control structure for quantity measurement and quality testing upstream of the reservoir or the network pipeline. At the same time, the inflowing spring water has the opportunity to settle particles that have been washed away with it.

The standard structures are manufactured in nominal sizes DN 1200 to DN 3000.
Each sump has a dry section and one or more wet sections. The entrance is always above the dry section, which serves as a working area for maintenance and servicing.

The water chambers are arranged so that each source is fed to a separate inlet chamber. This allows for separate treatment.

WiRoTec HENZE profile winding tube

All structures are made of WiRoTec HENZE - profile wound pipe according to DIN 16961. Optionally, a conical entrance or a smooth shaft top can be selected. If necessary, drainage can be provided by the customer.

A plug-in overflow facilitates cleaning. The discharge is provided with a strainer. If a measuring overflow is selected, flow measurement is possible.
One inlet basin with baffle and settling section per source inlet.


  • Each source can be discarded individually
  • Each source can be measured individually

The smooth and non-porous surface of the polyethylene allows clean cleaning.
Lime particles from hard water cannot bond firmly to the surface and are thus easily detached.

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