Information for Planners

Sketches planning

Planning and supervision


All information is meant for planners, operators and contractors.  Here you will find Calls for Tender, Questionnaires for the static calculations, Installation Notes and Product Information.  You will also find news updates and at which exhibition you can find us. 

We hope, that this information will help you with your daily work

Customers- and Project Support


Generally our customers need much more support than simply a piece of pipe.  They need our complete package of competencies, Know How and our engineering services.  Together we develop concepts and solutions to their problems and challenges.  When our customers exchange information and experience with us we can approach their issues adapt flexibly to installation conditions.  Our customers get the full advantages of working with a medium size company, which are short information channels, direct and personal contacts and flexible solutions. 

Our service begins with providing information and call to tenders for the planner and is supported with constant and across projects ranging measures of quality control. 

Detailed Consulting


The cooperation with HENZE begins far before the production.  Even before the planning phase our customers are provided with the comprehensive HENZE Info materials.  The technical basics for calculating the plans are provided in digital and analogue form.  After planning and production drawings are completed they have to be released by the customer.  Requests for changes and modifications can be entered in time and taken into consideration.  The detailed issues regarding the technical drawings can directly be clarified with the customer.  After the coordination of details follows the production in our factory.  We see our responsibility however also beyond the factory gates.  The proper loading, delivery and assembly on site is also part of our service.