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Sewer manholes

Shafts and constructions with a wide span of specifications are needed for developing a pipeline network with inspection facilities, service facilities and regulation measures of inflow and outflow.  Our shafts and system components are designed to fulfill these requirements.  We create a welded shaft to pipeline connection.  Thereby we can guarantee a leakfree system.  The complete prefabrication of the shafts in the factory also guarantees highest quality standards and shortest installation times at the construction site.  As we have a high design flexibility for the shafts we can also create very economical special constructions.  We can also integrate technical equipment into the shaft for a very wide span of requirements, ie measung, controlling and regulating technologies. 

Depending on the application various standard shafts built in different ways are available.  The choice of structure is dependent on the diameter of the canalization pipe, the external loads from traffic, groundwater and earth pressure.  Our shafts are constructed and statically calculated for the various applications.  
The shafts are generally secured against positive buoyancy due to high groundwater tables is generally achieved through an overhanging shaft bottom plate. 

Continuous shaft and tangential shaft

The most common shaft constructions are the throughfeed shafts and tangential shafts.  The throughfeed shaft consists of a PEHD or PP shaft bottom part with shaft floor, inflow, outflow, safe footed berm, a channel (straight or bent) and footsteps or a ladder.  The shaft pipe has a light pipe inner surface and is flat on the top in order to be able to directly place standard components of reinforced concrete according to DIN 4034 or with a shaft cover plate with a support ring foundation in order to deflect traffic loads.
The tangential shaft is directly integrated into the canalization pipe and is attached outside of the central axis.  The shaft pipe has a light pipe inner surface and is provided with ladder or footsteps.  The shaft cover plate has a support ring foundation in order to deflect traffic loads.  The transition to concrete components should always be above the groundwater table.  
Along with the mentioned shafts the following constructions in the diameters DIA 600 to DIA 3600 are also available:
-pump shafts
-fittings shafts
-drop shafts
-energy conversion shafts
-drainage and leaching shafts
-throttle shafts
-special shafts of all designs

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