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The foundation of all HENZE Products is a high quality standard and highest precision.  On this basis we provide a large amount of products for the pipeline and apparatus applications.  Especially large diameters and non standard accessories are our fields of specialization. 

Solid Wall Pipe

The manufacture of pipes is according to DIN 16961 Helically Wound Pipe.  Solid Wall Helically wound Pipes are mainly used for the fields of Tanks and Apparatus construction.  The wallthickness and gradations are designed and produced according to operating requirements.  


Profile Pipe

Profile Pipe provide a high stiffness with a low weight.  The profile of the wall is chosen based upon the load requirements.  The outer surface can be produced as profile or as flat surface.  A double walled pipe structure for containers and shafts consists of the inner pipe wall and the outer pipe wall and the connection profile.   The profile is the connection between the inner and the outer pipe wall and creates in the same time a cavity, which makes a leakage monitoring system possible.


Welding Collar, Clamping Flange, Blind Flange

Welding Collars of Polyethylen and Polypropylen are machined out of pipe blanks.  They are installed in the fields of pressurized pipelines or non-pressurized pipelines.  They are connected by butt welding or with the e-socket.   The flange and blind cover are galvanized in steel or stainless steel.  



Dia 1000 to Dia 2000
The unit is made of one piece and connected to the welding collar.


Connection Branch – Welding equipment

The HENZE – Welding branch connects pipelines to the Helically wrapped or extruded pipe.  The branch and the welding equipment are aligned with eachother.  This makes it possible to weld the connection branch OD 160 and OD 225 to all plastic pipe systems of HDPE and PP.  The system is based on the technology of Heating element socket welding.  The welding equipment is available in two different welding depths (85mm and 145mm) and two different Branch diameters (OD 160 SDR 17,6 and OD 225 SDR 17,6).


Wall Penetration

Wall penetrations are made to penetrate the plastic pipe through walls.  It is executed via a core drilling in the concrete, an annalus sealing gasket and the here described steel reinforced wall penetration.  The steel reinforcement bears the high loads of the annalus sealing gasket so that the plastic pipe is not deformed.  



Dia 1000 to Dia 2000
The E-Socket Dia 1000 to Dia 2000 serves as slide sleeve and is an addition to the integrated E-Socket.  It is manufactured for inner and outer calibrated pipes.  The welding parameters are entered via a bar code.  The automated welding provides a high process reliability.  


Lateral Access Opening

The lateral access opening, completely screwed to a cover, is welded into the container wall with the extrusion welding process.  The manufacture is in PE or PP.  


Mechanical Fill Level Indicator

The mechanical fill level indicator makes it possible to visualize the fill level in the containers.  The fill level is transferred via a cable pull with guide rollers onto a transparent PVC Pipe and thereby made optically assessable.  



By using a vacuum system or a sonde leakage can be monitored in the Double Wall Containers or Pipelines.  An overfill protection prevents overfilling of containers, which store water-polluting liquids.   


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