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The safe supply of drinking water carries a lot of responsibility with it.  In rural as well as urban regions the drinking water supply consists of many small facilities.  A high quality of the collection station and the further facilities is a requirement for high quality drinking water.   Our constructions are only manufactured from materials permitted according to the Worksheet W 270 and KTW guidelines of the Federal Health Authorities.  The smooth surface reduces the maintenance costs.  
In a decentralized Drinking water supply only individually manufactured constructions can meet the requirements.  They need to be according to the guidelines of the Foodstuff and Hygene statutes.  
Our constructions are delivered to the site with a very high degree of prefabrication and can immediately be installed.  They can also be used in traffic area when a reinforced concrete cover plate is placed upon the shafts.

For protection and distribution of the drinking water we offer the following installations:

  • well shafts
  • spring collection shafts
  • Fittings shafts
  • water reservoirs
  • special structures
  • drinking water pipelines

Water supply is in itself an independent field of technology.  Our solutions cover a very broad spectrum of the real field requirements. 

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