Double Walled Pipes – Double Walled Shafts

  • Auslaufkanal doppelwandig
  • doppelwandiger Schacht, Profilwickelrohr
  • Doppelwandrohre, Profilwickelrohre
  • Kanal doppelwandig, Profilwickelrohre
  • Doppelwandsysteme, Profilwickelrohre

Henze Double Walled Pipes

The speciality of the WiRoTec Henze-spirally extruded Profile Pipe is the Double Walled Pipe.  This makes it possible to monitor the pipe through overpressure, underpressure, humidity or mechanical sensors.  The monitoring capacity established between the double walls allows an immediate detection and location of a leakage.   The shafts are also manufactured in a double wall structure and attached into the pipe network.  The monitoring takes place not only for the shaft shell but also for the shaft flooring.  The shaft serves as monitoring station with the necessary connections.  The control system is of course part of the package.  

The WiRoTec Henze Double Walled Pipe is therefore suitable for the transport of waterpolluting fluids and the installation in water conservation areas. 



Doouble wall system

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