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PE-Pipe Systems fulfill the highest standards demanded from pipelines in respect to leak tightness, durability and installation friendliness.  The WiRoTec Henze-Connection Branch takes a lead role in its field.  
It is suitable for new installations or retro fits in open trench constructions.  The house connections and inflow branches in the Dia 150 (OD 160 SDR 17,6) and Dia 200 (OD 225 SDR 17,6) can easily and economically be installed in the PE main pipe.  The Henze-Connection branch Dia 150 serves as a connector for all PE Pipes OD 160 SDR 17,6 to PE-Profiled Pipe up to a wall thickness of 145mm and Full Wall PE Pipe up to OD 225 SDR 17,6.  The Henze-Connection Branch Dia 200 serves to connect PE Pipes OD 225 SDR 17,6 to all PE Profile Pipe up to a wallthickness of 145 mm and PE Full wall pipes up to OD 355 SDR 17,6.  

The advantages are as follows:
-    No special equipment needed additionally for the installation
-    Fast and easily mounted
-    Suitable for all full wall pipes and profile pipes up of PE
-    Reliably leak tight through welding procedure
-    Immediately functionable
-    High quality connection through automisation
-    Fixed position and deflection of loads through the welding along the complete wall thickness
-    Robust execution
-    No encroaching elements through concave routing

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