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Safely storing waste, channeling and purifying landfill leachate as well as using landfill gases is a big challenge for all landfill operators.  

The permanently reliable constructions of the PEHD Material have proven themselves for the installation in landfills.  They serve to channel and collect landfill leachate and gases.  
We design and produce these structures based upon the project requirements, which could be monitoring the pipelines by camera, rinsing and cleaning the pipeline, sampling, collection and pumping.  Creating standardized structures often fails due to the unique circumstances of each location.  Many years of experience in landfill design have nevertheless allowed us to develop standardized elements, which have a proven track record.  WiRoTec HENZE structures for Landfill Technology fulfill the wide range of challenges faced by the landfill body.  

  • Chemical durability of the material
  • Consideration of the heat development
  • High radial and vertical loads during the complete operational period

In order to safeguard the environment it is necessary to transport the highly contaminated landfill leachate without leakage to the purification facility.  This task already starts at the edge of the dam area.  The stretch from the edge of the dam area at the penetration structure to the seepage pit is hence designed as double wall system.  All further pipelines and shaft structures should be created with a leakage monitoring system.  Due to thermal expansion the processing pipe is tightly connected to the outer pipe shell.  The leakage detection is guaranteed through a monitoring system based on a vacuum or excess pressure constellation.  Permanent monitoring and testing can be achieved by a mechanical/optical indicator or with a humidity sensor.  This allows a central monitoring from the control room.


The GUV guidelines put a special importance on the design of the shaft.  In order to prevent manual inspections of the shaft the model shaft should have an externally accessable flush bend.  Cleaning rakes in the leachate downpipe should also be possible externally.  Gratings above the channel guarantee a sure stand in case a manual inspection is necessary.  


When the shafts stands directly inside the waste body immense pressures are exerted on the shaft.  They  develop due to the settling of the waste (up to 40%) and very high installation depths.  These forces would destroy every standard shaft structure.  Therefore WiRoTec HENZE has developed the Telescopic Shaft, which consists of several segments.  Each segment is settled independently on the waste body and can move according along to the settling of the waste.  


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