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  • Systemlösung für die Chemie- und Anlagentechnik
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  • Produktions-, Rührwerks- und Arbeitsbehälter aus PVDF
  • Chemie- und Anlagentechnik

Our background is the manufacture of chemical facilities and we take pride in our quality standards of all Henze products.  Our wide range of special constructions represents our goal to also provide solutions for extraordinary requirements.  

We offer you:

  •    Storage tanks with catcher installations – one walled
  •    Standing and laying storage tanks – double walled
  •    Process, mixture and working tanks
  •    Ventilation pipelines, gas scrubbers, exhaust stacks
  •    Special constructions and molded parts of all types

Henze-storage tanks serve as environment safe storage of acids and lyes such as acetic acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hypochlorite, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, Chlorine water or other water polluting chemical substances according to § 19 WHG.

storage tank

Calculation Notes

Helically extruded Pipes for containers are designed and statically calculated according to DVS 2205 Page 1 to 4, as well as EN 12573, 1-4.  The mentioned guidelines constitute the foundation for the design of containers and apparatus.  
DVS provides the processor of semi-finished products from thermoplastic plastics guidelines for creating a calculation basis for ventilation systems and apparatus construction.  The calculation of the building elements are based on long term statistic data.  There are in general three criteria to consider:
1.    Tensions or stretching
2.    Deformation (ie by bending)
3.    Stability (ie buckling or dents)
The permissible tension is assessed based upon the creep rupture strength, the reduction factor, the joining factor and the safety factor.


Product Overview

HENZE-Chemie- & Anlagentechnik